Manalulu Farm
Welcome to Manalulu Farm
Manalulu Farm Quail and Chicken Eggs:

Manalulu Farm features fresh, naturally grown, free range quail and chicken eggs grown right here in Hawaii on the Big Island.  Our quail are raised in the sunlight.  They have lots of space to move around.  And they are fed natural fruits and vegetables grown right on our Big Island farm.  The results are quail eggs which are larger and tastier than those imported from off island.  
Our chickens are free range and naturally grown & fed.

Manalulu Farm Estate Coffee:  

Manalulu Farm coffee is Kona typica Arabica supplemented with red and yellow Caturra and a Kona-Jamaican Blue Mountain hybrid.
Our coffee is harvested by hand in multiple harvests where only the ripe cherries are picked.
Our coffee is processed on our farm and sun dried, then aged before roasting to order.
Our coffee is balanced, moderately caffeinated, and low acid so that many who say they cannot drink coffee are fans of our coffee.

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Happy Hawaiian Grown Quail